The new collagen-based biomaterial


We believe in protecting the planet through the creation of new biomaterials

Ekolber was founded on a commitment to our planet. It is an innovative proposal in harmony with the circular economy, promoting a rational, sustainable use of raw materials.

How do we do it?
Adding value

We believe in the circular economy

Ekolber produces a sustainable, renewable and ecological biomaterial, since it can be extracted directly from natural waste (skin, wool, feathers, egg shells…), meaning that this waste does not go to landfill.

Our Ekomat pellets have practically no carbon footprint. According to how it has been made and the kind of final product, after its useful life it will be recyclable, compostable or incinerable. At the end of its cycle, our biomaterial degrades into simple natural materials: carbon dioxide, water…

Ad-hoc biodegradable formulas

A formula for every requirement

We design ad-hoc formulas for each customer, creating collagen-based mixtures with different additives in order to optimize their characteristics and properties for the requirements of the final product.

Every day we discover new applications for our product in the most diverse industries: from the biomedical sector to construction. We feel confident that Ekolber can give your products great value and largely replace applications made of plastic or rubber. Do not hesitate to contact us for the creation of new projects: we love a challenge.

An effective, sustainable alternative

We say no to plastic

The plastics currently used on a mass scale (polyethylene, polystyrene… ) have two major disadvantages: they are obtained from oil and they are environmental and health hazards given that they decompose very slowly, liberating toxic compounds and microplastics. Biomaterials are the perfect alternative because they have the same, or even better, performance, without the problems mentioned. This is the future: a commitment to plastic-free options.

No investment in machinery

An easy transition

Ekomat® is a collagen-rich pellet that can be processed with conventional plastic and rubber forming techniques.

No investment in new machinery or technology is needed since the material can be processed using common methods such as injection, extrusion, compression and thermoforming.


Ekolber has created Ekomat®, an innovative collagen-based biomaterial, whose extensive and growing range of applications makes it the ideal alternative to plastic.

Take your product to the next level!

All plastic or rubber-based production can take a great step forward in terms of environmental responsibility by replacing its raw material with other materials that are innovative and respectful of the natural environment.

Our material, Ekomat®, can be modified with additives in order to offer the physical characteristics needed for each product: strength, porosity, elasticity, density, weight, roughness, colour… We are able to offer a sustainable alternative to your raw material.

Contact us and we will undertake an R&D project to find the solution you need!

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