We create new biomaterials


– This patented technological process is unique worldwide

Our procedure transforms waste into functional new biomaterials
with a wide variety of applications

Ekolber was founded on a commitment to our planet. It is an innovative proposal in harmony with the circular economy,
promoting a rational, sustainable use of raw materials.

We give new value to waste

Reduce, reuse, recycle… These words define us. We reduce and reuse waste… and Ekomat® is recyclable and compostable.

We transform it into Ekomat®

This raw material, the perfect replacement for plastic, can be processed using conventional techniques. A major step forward without investing in machinery.

We optimize materials

We develop ad-hoc formulas for a wide range of applications in different areas: always innovative and environmentally friendly.

– How can Ekomat® be included in the final product?

Conventional techniques, innovative results

It is not necessary to invest in machinery or change your company’s manufacturing processes, since our Ekomat® pellets can be transformed using the most common forming techniques used for making plastic products.

Ekolber tecnología


A mechanical industrial process, by which the material is moulded through a continuous flow created by pressure and a pushing action to pass the material through a mould to give it the desired form.


The material is put into an open mould and pressure and heat are applied so that the material takes on the shape of the mould. In some cases, the process is accelerated with chemical reagents.


A process that consists of injecting the molten material through an opening into a cold mould that is closed under pressure. The material solidifies, adopting the shape of the mould.


This consists of heating a sheet or film of semi-finished thermoplastic, softening it so that it can be adapted to the shape of a mould by means of vacuum pressure or using a countermould.

Ekomat® applications

Ekomat® has a promising and limitless field of applications. So far, our lines of investigation have successfully explored four areas in particular.


• Insulation, coverings for greenhouses

• Pots

• Your sustainable product


• Trays for food products
• Yokes for packs of cans
• Your sustainable product


• Dressings
• Bandages, membranes
• Your sustainable product

Animal health

• Hoofs
• Chew sticks for dogs
• Your sustainable product

What is your requirement? Contact us to make our Ekomat® pellets into a sustainable product.

Do you need a solution to bring your products into the green economy?

If you want to move your business to a more sustainable model and adapt it to the different regulations that cover the use of plastic,
we are here to advise you during your transition to the circular economy.
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